Lianyungang Jindun Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
98% Isoproturon TECH

·Chemical name: N-(4-Isopropylphenyl)-N',N'-dimethyl urea

·CAS No.: 34123-59-6

·Molecular formula: C12H18N2O

·Molecular weight: 206.29

·Appearance: milky white or light yellow powder

·Assay: ≥98.0%

·Moisture: ≤0.5%

·Acetone insolubles : ≤0.5%

·Acidity (as H2SO4) : ≤0.3%

·Uses: can prevent and cure annual Weeds in dry land (wheat, cotton, peanuts, tobacco, etc.) , and most of the broadleaf Weeds, the prevention and control of crop see mai niang and hard grass, grass special net effectively. Such as digitaria, quinoa, Kentucky bluegrass, see mai niang, etc, applies to west red persimmon, potato, seedling leeks, tongue, hot pepper, eggplant, beans, peas, Onions to kill grass

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