Lianyungang Jindun Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
25% Oxadiazon EC

·CAS No.: 19666-30-9

·Molecular formula: C15H18C12N2O3

·Uses: selective bud herbicide for transplanting Rice field, directly to jilt to paddy water layer, the active ingredients in the water sink into the soil after quickly spread, form a closed, thus will target Weeds in the bud, can control weed, thousand gold, duck tongue grass, successively, alisma, short, arrowhead, fresh mushroom felt, alien sedge, rizhao waving grass paddy fields such as a variety of annual gramineae, cyperaceae and broad-leaved Weeds, has convenient use, the work period is long, etc.

·Application method:

Crop (or range)






100-150ml/667sqm 1500-2250ml/hectare

pesticide-clay mixture

·Preparations: 13% Oxadiazon EC, 38% Oxadiazon SC

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